JCR President Message


[highlighted]Hello Freshers![/highlighted]

kitowensI’m Kit, your JCR President for the next year (and, if my plans succeed, forever)!


The JCR (Junior Common Room) is not just a physical space for socialising but the name given to the undergraduate body in Oriel.  My job is to try to keep the good ship Oriel JCR running smoothly by managing the JCR Committee, who exist to serve your needs, and to represent your views to the powers in college.


I hope you’re all psyched for Fresher’s week (I know I am)!  The Entz team, Welfare Officers, and I have been hard at work to try to create a great timetable for the week that we hope will appeal to all tastes and personalities.  We’ll also be a constant presence during the week to offer guidance/support/condoms (yes, really) so please banish any worries about being alone if you feel overwhelmed when you first get here.  We’ve all been there and felt those feels.  Oriel’s small(ish) size means that the JCR is like one big (slightly incestuous) family, so you’ll never be far from a friendly face if you need help.


So please, just relax! I can guarantee that you’ll have a blast in Freshers’ Week, not to mention in the weeks/terms/years afterwards.  It sounds awfully cliché but you truly will grow as a person while you’re here, not only getting that first taste of independence, but gaining new friends, interests, and hobbies that will last a lifetime.

So…Welcome to Oxford!  Just chill, it’s gonna be great.



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