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Congratulations soon to be Oriel freshers! We are all looking forward to meeting you and to get you ready for what’s in store, here’s our quick checklist!


[highlighted]Officially register for the University[/highlighted]

The Freshers’ Pack will contain information about your official registration with the university which is very important and must be completed as soon as possible. Also, make sure you register your email using the details that you’ll be sent shortly and begin to check your emails regularly as this is the main way the college, your tutors and the JCR will stay in contact with you.


[highlighted]Subject Reading & Work[/highlighted]

Some subjects will send out book lists, work sheets and essays. Some subjects even set short mock exams (collections – see Oriel dictionary). If you’re sent this by your tutor, we advise that you do the work! First impressions count and its good to be up to date before term starts especially if you’ve had a deadline-free gap year or summer!


[highlighted]College Parents[/highlighted]

Going to university is definitely a daunting experience with plenty of confusing questions that need answering. At Oriel, some of our second and third years have got married and amazingly had children in the form of you freshers! At least one of your parents should be doing your subject and they’re a great point of advice, free drinks and cups of tea. So ask them anything from most helpful books on the reading list, to what to bring to ‘what exactly is a bop?’


[image path=”http://www.orieljcr.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/facebook_logo.png” width=”80″ height =”80″ alt=”” title=”” align=”alignleft” frame=”no” link=”https://www.facebook.com/groups/446490685373992/”][highlighted]Join the Facebook Group[/highlighted]

We reckon that one of the best ways to ask questions that aren’t answered in this guide is on the JCR Freshers’ Facebook group. You’ll be able to meet other people from your course before you’ve even arrived in Oriel, ask questions that your college parents may have been unable to answer and see what the second and third years are like!


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