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[highlighted]Arriving at Oriel[/highlighted]

It’s Sunday 5th October 2014. Your new life, or at least that of an Oxford University student, starts here!

The college is expecting you to arrive on the Sunday (international students do arrive earlier), and there will be students in the lodge waiting to help you all day long. You’ll be allocated a time slot based on your name, to which it would be useful for you to adhere, although we acknowledge that this may be hard.

When you arrive, go straight to the lodge. You’ll need a car parking permit and will get 30 minutes of unloading/unpacking time. Your parents may stay around if they wish; there are welcome and welfare teas in hall, but we ask that they move their car. Westgate Shopping Centre or one of the park-and-rides are a safe bet, though you can sometimes find parking on Merton Street for 2 hours (if you’re lucky!). Traffic wardens are notoriously mean in Oxford but note two rules: You may park on the double yellows with a car parking permit, but must never obstruct traffic. You must also never park in a disabled space, even if you have a permit.

Oxford will be incredibly busy when you arrive, with lots of new students converging on the city! If your parents do decide to stay, and move their car, just ask at the lodge for directions.

On arrival you’ll be directed to the bursary to pay a £275 deposit on your room, which gets reimbursed at the end of the year. Having a debit card is useful! If you haven’t got a loan for your tuition fees, you will also need to pay these now.

You will then go to the main hall to complete your college registration. If you have come to Oxford and the UK on a Tier 4 visa, you must bring your passport and visa/biometric residence permit with you. You will also complete a room contract here.

Then go to the lodge, get your room key and head with the help of a student to your room! Here you can unpack and then say bye to your parents, ready for the start of Freshers’ Week! Wahooooo!


[highlighted]Travelling to Oriel[/highlighted]

There are rumours that Oxford has the most ridiculous one-way system and the worst parking in the country. These rumours are very well founded, but Oriel is rather central and therefore easy to find.

The main thing to note is that you can’t cross the traffic barrier half-way up the High Street during the day.

If you’re approaching Oxford from the East (via the Plains Roundabout and then over Magdalen Bridge) you need to turn left off the High St into Merton Street. –

Similarly, if approaching from the North and Longwall Street, you will need to turn left (as no right turns are permitted, no matter what your Sat Nav says) and go down to the roundabout (with a Sainsbury’s on it). Here you will need to do a U-turn, before travelling back up the High Street, turning left onto Merton Street just after the traffic lights. Note, the High Street is monitored by traffic cameras and passing down the restricted zone will incur a £60 fine. If approaching from the West, travel up St Aldate’s (avoiding bus lanes) and turn right onto the High Street before turning right again, just after Natwest bank, down King Edward Street and into Oriel Square.

We’d recommend a Sat-Nav, as they make the one-way systems and traffic systems much easier to navigate! But remember to keep it up to date and follow any signs that you may read on the road that restrict where you can and can’t go. If you do get lost, stop and phone the lodge (01865 276555) or ask a passer-by. People will be sympathetic! It’s a good idea to review Google Maps and street-view before you travel, to get acquainted with the road layout.


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