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[highlighted]Freshers’ Week[/highlighted]

Your Freshers’ week will be great, amazing and undoubtedly fun-filled.  Your Entz team have worked tirelessly over the summer to ensure that your week is enjoyable, and will help everyone settle in.

However, we have to give a warning: Oxford is Oxford. At some point in the week, you will meet with your tutors for the first time, and it is likely that you will be given your first assignments. There are also a number of college-organised orientation events, which you must attend, and which take precedence over any leisure activities. These will all be detailed on the Freshers’ Week Timetable, and similarly the one within your Freshers’ pack.

The JCR Termcard, detailing all the Oriel Entz events will also go online near the start of term and this can be found in the tabs on the website. The website is regularly updated, so keep an eye out for the latest events.

You’ll have some great events. Meeting your tutors properly at the Freshers’ dinner, attending your first ever bop and sampling some of Oxford’s best nightlife.


[highlighted]A message from your ENTZ reps[/highlighted]

Dearest Freshers,

Welcome to the wonderful Oriel college, what is to be your home for the next few years! First things first, a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS is in order, for getting into both Oxford and its greatest college, Oriel!. Well done for making it in one piece through the application process, interviews and the dreaded results day; you’ve finally made it! It’s now time to look forward to what are going to be some of the best years of your life where you’ll make lifelong friends, study hard and party harder.

We are Ben, Jenny and Mia, and collectively we make up the Entz (a really cringe ‘z’-ridden shortening of ‘Entertainments’) team at Oriel. For the next year we have been entrusted with the task of putting together the college’s social calendar, organising all in-college entertainment from bops and film nights to pub quizzes and themed socials, and we’ll most probably be some of the first members of the JCR Committee you’ll meet upon arrival, as one of our largest tasks is organising Freshers’ Week for you all! We’ve been busy all summer putting together an array of awesome activities for your first week in college.

There’ll be a lot going on throughout the day and well into the early hours, information about which you shall soon be receiving in the form of a neat timetable, along with lots more information about what’s in store, but rest assured that Freshers’ week will have something for everyone, no matter what your interests are! Just a sneak peak of the events include a JCR Social (where you get to meet the very best of the JCR Committee, us, and we provide FREE drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), smoothie making, club nights, pub quizzes, film nights, and (of course) a Bop…

Bops happen three times a term and are huge fancy dress parties for the whole college in the bar. We release the theme a week before the event and then it’s up to you to come up with the most extravagant outfit you can; think BIG, BOLD and COLOURFUL, and extra points for originality. Some of last year’s themes included Tarantino vs Scorcese, ABC (Anything But Clothes), LGBTQ Through the Ages, and 1984. Some of this may seem a little daunting, but you’ll be having way too much fun to be nervous. Also, you’ll have loads of people to help settle you in including subject reps, welfare reps staircase reps and your college parents, who should be in touch with you before your arrival (there’s a possibility that our parents-to-be are more excited about meeting you than you are them). Alternatively feel free to contact any of us at any time at all!

You can find us on the JCR Committee page, and make sure to add our ‘Oriel Entz’ Facebook page. We know it won’t be long before you’re shouting ‘OOOOORIEL’ at the top of your lungs to the backdrop of a bar full of topless men dancing to Jackson 5’s “I want you back”, and sipping on an ice cold Glenny’s. Have a fantastic rest of your holiday and get ready to be welcomed into the Oriel family via Freshers’ Week 2014 – it’s going to be huge!




[highlighted]Welfare during Freshers’ Week[/highlighted]

Nearly everyone settles in very quickly. However, some people find the transition to university a difficult or stressful one, and need help or just someone to talk to. It’s only natural. You’re away from home, away from family and you’re in a totally new environment. Indeed, the welfare system is here for you from the very beginning till the very end of your university career. Sometimes you will get stressed or feel worse for wear because of work, people, or life in general. Unexpected things can happen, both at college and at home. Sometimes it’s best to turn to someone outside your friends, who can give you advice and help. This is why we have the welfare team, they’ll be at every JCR event and will be flitting around college all the time.

Freshers’ Week serves a purpose to advise you about Oxford life and give you information that you’ll need in the course of the next few years. Whether that be introductions on how to use the library facilities, or simple information about where the nearest Tesco is! However, it’s also the way you get to know your new Oxford family: the students who you will be spending at least the next three years of your life with. We want to make sure you get to know them as well as possible and have therefore devised a large variety of events. You don’t have to drink if you don’t want to and there are plenty of non-alcoholic events if that suits you.

Oriel maintains a fantastic welfare system, and the whole college is a big-happy-family! Read the introductory letter from Jonathan and Melissa for more details here. 



Matriculation is the ceremony where you ‘enter’ Oxford University for the first time as a student. It marks the beginning of your time here and is therefore very important, and compulsory.

All students are required to wear full Sub Fusc, and details of this are provided in the ‘Oriel Dictionary’. The ceremony is a good chance to get nice photos of you at Oxford to send to your granny! It is an occasion though, and after you’ve matriculated, we tend to find a way to celebrate!



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