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[highlighted]Freshers’ Fair[/highlighted]

Loads of societies, clubs and activities are available to you, both through the university and through the college. Oriel is renowned both for its sporting prowess and for its arts. Below is not an all-encompassing list, but an attempt to give you an idea of what sort of thing is on offer. For more detail info look at the Sports and Societies pages of this site.

University-wide clubs, sports and societies will be represented at the OUSU Fresher’s Fair. Oriel-specific clubs, sports and societies will be represented at the college Freshers’ Fair. All abilities are encouraged, and even if you’ve never done something before, you’ll soon pick it up!



[highlighted]Oriel Music Society[/highlighted]

The Oriel Music Society puts on high-quality student concerts and recitals as well as less formal events, such as open mic nights in the bar where everyone is welcome to perform. The concerts are held once a term, sometimes in our own grand Senior Library and in venues outside of college, such as the beautiful Holywell music room.

Contact edward.wren


[highlighted]Oriel Choir[/highlighted]

Oriel has one of the best mixed, chapel choirs in Oxford. Numbering 25+, including about a third from other colleges, we sing at services twice weekly in the Oriel chapel (Thursday Eucharist and Sunday Evensong at 6pm) as well as a rehearsal on a Tuesday and other special services like Christmas carol services and Candlemas. Our Director of Music is Dr David Maw, a Music tutor at Oriel and the organ scholars also direct, while a committee comprising Oriel choral scholars help to run the choir. We even have a tour each summer vac funded by college, which was to Portugal last year and we perform at the Oriel Music Soc concerts.

As well as singing a wide repertoire of sacred music especially English, choral music, it’s a fantastic way to meet people from Oriel and other colleges. Plus two free formal dinners a week, along with feast days such as Candlemas, and of course Christmas dinners (just ask anyone about “five gold rings”) are not to be sniffed at! We also have social events such as choir curry and the annual choir dinner, along with visits and joint services with choirs both from Oxford and beyond.

If you’re interested, regardless of experience, don’t hesitate to drop an email for more information about the choir or auditioning to Claire Lowe (claire.lowe)

Until then, enjoy having a listen to our dulcet tones here!



Oriel is known around Oxford as a rowing college – in Freshers week you’re all invited to Boat Club Cocktails to see the social side, and then at the Freshers Fair and Saturday’s Taster Day you should be able to see what we’re about.

Whether you want to help us stay on as Oxford’s premier rowing college by trialling for the 1st VIII, or whether you’d rather join a beer boat and just show up for the race, or any of the crews in between, we can cater for any level of commitment. Oriel puts out more crews than any other college, and many of you can join in just for the racing and the socials, but we have also provided a high proportion of men and women for the Boat Race crews, last year having four men in the blue boat. If you want any more information feel free to email captain@orielrowing.org, contact this year’s Captains, Callum Arnold (callum.arnold) or Emily Burdett (emily.burdett), or just knock on the door of 1.1 or 2.1 and we’ll be happy to talk.



Oriel has a strong dramatic tradition, having its own drama society called the Oriel Lions, which is a funding body that supports Oxford drama university-wide. It also aims to support Oriel students getting involved in drama at a college and university level. The Lions often produce a garden show in the summer term and a 24hr play performance in which the whole play-making and presenting process is done within 24 hours(!).



‘Rugby at Oriel is a competitive yet welcoming environment. We are currently playing in the third division of college rugby and I encourage anybody who is interested in playing rugby during their time at Oriel to give it a go. Whether you have lots of experience at a high level or if you are new to the game, rugby is a great way to stay fit and meet new people. With a training session and match each week, there is not a huge time commitment involved but on top of our on field activities there is a thriving social scene with weekly events. If you’d like any more information contact me at david.kelly.

Rugby, Rugby Rugby, Rugby Rugby, Rugby Rugby, RUGBY.



[highlighted]Sport in general[/highlighted]

There is also tennis, cricket, hockey, football and rounders teams, and more!

The sports cater to all abilities, from complete novices to experienced athletes, to those who want to take it seriously and to those who don’t. The Boat Club, for example, enters boats of all standards into the Oxford regattas.

Oriel’s sports ground, Bartlemas, is about a 30 minute walk from college and has football and rugby pitches for the first two terms of the year, with cricket and tennis facilities in the summer term.

The JMH residence is about 20 minutes’ walk away, and there is a squash court which can be booked by any Oriel students via the JCR website.

There is a croquet set stored in the college lodge, which is in constant use during the summer on 3rd  Quad. You can also play bowls on the south lawn of 1st Quad!

There is also a college gym, for which you must have had an induction (contact the sports rep, Ben Symington, for details).

All of the sports have a lively social dimension, with crew dates, team meals and drinks, and sometimes celebratory formal dinners.


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