LGBTQ+ at Oriel

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Oriel has a range of activities and support for people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* or queer (including intersex, asexual and non-binary students). Every year, Oriel JCR elects an LGBTQ+ representative to offer welfare support, organise events, represent the LGBTQ+ community and liaise with the college, university and the wider community on LGBTQ+ issues. The LGBTQ+ Officer is trained in Peer Support. Alex Waygood, the LGBTQ+ Officer for 2016/17, is available via email at



In the past the JCR has held events including:orielgbtq

  • start-of-term socials;
  • a talk by S. Bear Bergman, a trans man, poet, playwright and artist preoccupied with questions of gender identity;
  • a ‘Queer Questions’ event, where the concept of ‘queerness’ and the label ‘queer’ was discussed;
  • LGBTQ+ Bop, a Saturday-night party where people were encouraged to experiment (respectfully!) with their gender identity and celebrate the LGBTQ community.


Upcoming Events

Watch this space for Trinity LGBTQ+ events! Email the LGBTQ+ rep with any suggestions of events you’d like to see.



2014/15 Information Leaflet

A PDF of the 2014/15 JCR LGBTQ information leaflet can be downloaded here: LGBTQ leaflet 2014. It contains useful contact information, a description of the LGBTQ rep’s role, suggestions as to how to get involved with LGBTQ at Oxford, Oriel students’ opinions and more.

Oriel LGBTQ+ Officer ‘Ask Me A Question’

People are welcome to submit questions about LGBTQ+ issues and the LGBTQ+ Officer’s role here: Oriel LGBTQ+ ‘Ask Me A Question’. It is a non-judgmental forum in which to ask anonymous questions about sexuality, gender, liberation movements, news, LGBTQ+ issues and any other relevant topics. You do not need to have any pre-knowledge, but please be considerate. It is also a place to make anonymous suggestions as to how LGBTQ+ experience at Oriel and Oxford could be improved.

2014 LGBTQ Survey ResultsRainbowOxford

In Michaelmas 2014, the LGBTQ rep conducted a survey on attitudes, opinions and suggestions about LGBTQ issues in Oriel. The results can be found in the form of an infographic here.

University-wide Mailing List

To get onto the university-wide LGBTQ society mailing list, simply send a blank email to