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Welcome to the Oriel 2014 Freshers’ Guide,

This is here to tell you everything you may ever need to know about Oriel, Oxford and the life you’ll probably end up having here! It will answer all those mundane questions, like whether you need a hoover, kettle and kitchen sink, as well as the more interesting ones like what you’ll be getting up to in Freshers’ week! (Just incase, the answers are no, definitely, no and lots!)

Use the tabs below to access ‘A Freshers’ Journey’, the Oriel English Dictionary and introductions from members of the committee.

Everything is below, but any questions can be asked via our JCR Freshers’ Facebook page (click here) or by emailing any of the JCR committee (click here).

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The JCR Committee 2014-15


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A Fresher’s Journey

Well, you’ve come this far. It’s been a pretty long journey already, but you’ve still got so far to go! Especially if you live a bit further afield than the M25. This is our guide as to what you will no doubt encounter along the way.

Hopefully it will answer most of your queries, questions and bemusements, but if not, just ask on the Facebook group and all will be answered rather quickly!


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The Oriel English Dictionary

When you visited Oxford on an open day, or when you were here for interview, you may have realised we sometimes speak a completely different language. This is Oxford speak, or Oriel English or just complete and utter rubbish. But you will no doubt hear an awful lot more of it.

This is our guide on how to speak ‘Oxford’. You’ll pick it up!


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Introductions (the formalities)

Well, we’ll probably get to say hello quite a few times during the next few weeks. There will be that first time where we give you a hand carrying your bags up to your new room. Then we may meet at JCR drinks, or at your first welcome to Oriel talk. Then we’ll see you around college every day for around a year…

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[button url=”http://www.orieljcr.org/?page_id=1765″ color=”pink” liquid=”no”]Welcome from the Welfare Team[/button]

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International Guide

Coming to Oxford is daunting enough, without being new to the UK as well. Our International students guide aims to help. Advice on the shops, culture and eccentricities of the UK are all inside!


[button url=”http://www.oriel.ox.ac.uk/content/international-students” color=”blue” liquid=”no”]Click to go to the International Guide[/button]



Freshers’ Week Timetable

Although there are plenty of great JCR fun events during the week, there are a number of college organised orientation events which you must attend. You may also be given your first work assignments from your tutors. These are detailed on the Freshers’ Week Timetable below, and similarly the one within your Freshers’ pack. Meetings with tutors must be attended, and take precedence over any other event. Similarly any work set by your tutors must be completed and it’s a good idea to give a good first impression.


[button url=”http://www.orieljcr.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Oriel-College-Undergraduate-Freshers-Week-Timetable-13.pdf” color=”blue” liquid=”no” target=”new”]JCR Freshers’ Week Timetable – Printable[/button]




Various JCR Presidents, Admissions Reps, IT reps and hangers-on back over the years, since time immemorial; Daniel Geron, Jon Braid, Dave McCormick, James Gaynor, Kirsten Petrie, Matt Finn, Kat Spicksley, Phoebe Kirk, Mark Jesnick, Becca Bleach, Claire Barnett, Richard Luke, Mark Johnson, Natasha Bassett, Matilda Rhode etc.

The super-duper 2006 revamp: Kat Spicksley
The super-super-duper 2007 revamp: Phoebe Kirk
The modest but essential 2009 revamp: Mark Jesnick and Becca Bleach
The cheeky 2010 makeover: Claire Barnett
The tiny 2011 tweak: Richard Luke 
The huge 2012 timewarp into the 21st century: Mark Johnson, Natasha Bassett & Sophie Ross
The tasteful 2014 touch-up: Jessica Collins



Photos by: Paul Bullivant, Mark Johnson, Palmyre Manivet, Helen Siviter, Naomi Bullivant and others …

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