Oriel Chapel Choir

[highlighted]Oriel Choir[/highlighted]

Oriel has one of the best mixed, chapel choirs in Oxford. Numbering 25+, including about a third from other colleges, we sing at services twice weekly in the Oriel chapel (Thursday Eucharist and Sunday Evensong at 6pm) as well as a rehearsal on a Tuesday and other special services like Christmas carol services and Candlemas. Our Director of Music is Dr David Maw, a Music tutor at Oriel and the organ scholars also direct, while a committee comprising Oriel choral scholars help to run the choir. We even have a tour each summer vac funded by college, and we perform at the Oriel Music Soc concerts.

As well as singing a wide repertoire of sacred music especially English, choral music, it’s a fantastic way to meet people from Oriel and other colleges. Plus two free formal dinners a week, along with feast days such as Candlemas, and of course Christmas dinners (just ask anyone about “five gold rings”) are not to be sniffed at! We also have social events such as choir curry and the annual choir dinner, along with visits and joint services with choirs both from Oxford and beyond. We even have a tour each summer vac funded by college, which was to Malta last year.

If you’re interested, regardless of experience, don’t hesitate to drop an email for more information a

Until then, enjoy having a listen to our dulcet tones here!


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