The JCR Committee is the elected group of students that coordinate the work of the JCR, from running frequent and exciting events for students to liaising with the College and the University-wide student union. Feel free to get in touch if you have any enquiries, or to raise any concerns with us!

(Last updated: 28 February 2024)

Fully elected officers

President – Samantha Hardaker
Our overlord: chairs JCR committee meetings, coordinates the committee's work, and represents the undergraduate student body to college.

Vice-President – Junsoo Kim
Organises JCR guest nights and the second-years’ Halfway Hall, and deputises for the President as needed.

Returning Officer – Josh Quinn Rice
Impartially chairs JCR open meetings, oversees elections, and maintains and interprets the constitution.

Secretary – Artin Manafi-Khosroshahi
Prepares agendas for and minutes of open meetings, administers the mailing list, and produces the JCR term card.

Treasurer – Carolina Cortés Vilaplana
Handles the JCR's money.

Entertainment Officers (Entz) – Ellie Thomson, Hugo Lisillour, Laura Knight
Plan JCR social events, including termly bops and the Trinity Term garden party.

Welfare Officers – Libby Rees (female) and Ruben da Costa (male)
Provide welfare support to JCR members, receive peer-support training, and liaise with the broader College welfare team.

Academic Affairs, Careers, and Suspended Students OfficerVacant
Liaises with the College and Oxford SU about academic affairs, career opportunities, suspended students, and the library.

Class Officer – Hunor Veres
Represents and supports students who are working class, first-generation, or were state-comprehensively educated, and organises end-of-term food-bank collections.

Disabilities and Mental Health Officer – Liv Richardson
Represents and supports students with physical or mental disabilities or long-term health conditions.

Equalities and Access Officer – Aryan Dhanwani
Represents and supports students with equalities and access concerns, coordinates the activities of other equalities officers, and organises the JCR's student–parent scheme.

Ethnic and Cultural Minorities Officer – Vacant
Represents and support students belonging to ethnic or racial minorities.

Facilities Officer – Lydia Metaxa
Maintains the facilities and appliances of the JCR, and administers the room ballot in Trinity Term.

International Officer – Shiyuan Li
Represents and supports international students through events and meetings, and organises the International Godparents scheme.

LGBTQ+ Officer – Anwyll Thomas
Represents and supports LGBTQ+-identifying students through events and meetings.

Women’s Officer – Eva Hogan
Represents and supports female students through events and meetings.

Environment Officer – Melita Monemvasioti
Campaigns and works with the College to reduce environmental impacts, such as reducing food waste and encouraging recycling.

Semi-elected representatives

Arts Representative – Lydia McKimm
Organises artistic events in the College, including the Trinity Term garden play and Music Society concerts.

Bar Representative – Ben Parkinson
Run activities in the College bar, working with the College Butler.

Charities Representative – Carrie Thomas
Coordinates charity events, and organises stash purchases and the annual charities formal.

External Affairs RepresentativeVacant
Communicates with and represents the JCR to external bodies, including the Oriel MCR and Oxford SU

Food Representative – Robert Simpson
Runs the JCR tuck shop and represents views on food provision in Hall to College.

Freshers’ Representative – Georgia Beresford-Jones
Represents the views of freshers, and assists in organising Freshers’ Week for incoming students.

IT Representative – Peter Webster
Maintains this website.

Men’s Representative – Charlie McKimm
Represents and supports male students through events, and organises Movember activities in Oriel.

Oxmas Representatives
Deck the halls with boughs of holly for Oxmas at the end of Michaelmas Term. (non-permanent role)

Valentine’s Day RepresentativesN/A
Organise events around Valentine’s Day in Hilary Term (non-permanent role)